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Mentoring for Coaches

I really enjoy my work as a Wellcoaches School of Coaching Certification Examiner and Lead Mentor Coach for trainees preparing to take their Practical Skills Assessments I have been conducting practical evaluations since 2007and providing mentor coaching since 2011. I wrote the workbook available to trainees: Going from Beginner to Brilliant: A Practical Guide for Passing Your Practical (currently unavailable/in revisions). I have am also a contributor to Wellcoaches' National Health and Wellness Coach Exam Prep Course and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine Coach Certification course. 

After you are certified, I would be honored to work with you as you continue to develop your skills. Reach out to me by e-mail at so we can set up a time to work together. My fee for these sessions is $100/60-minutes. 


Mentoring Testimonials 

From a Mentee Notifying me of her Certification

Well, I nailed it!. I got my results from the Practical Skills test and I scored 100.

When I started our mentor sessions my confidence level was at level 5. When we finished our 4th session my confidence shot up to 9.5. I would have said 10 , but I want to leave some room for improvement. Your masterful coaching skills, your mastery of the information, and your ability to instruct is one to be emulated. While challenging (sometimes even painful), I am thankful that you provided me with real  time, non-judgmental feedback, and directions.You represent the best of what a health and wellness coach is. You helped me pull it all together. I look forward to being a part of the profession. f I could rate my experience with you, on a scale of 1-10, it would be 10. Excellence is not just  a word, it is an action. Thank you for your spirit of excellence.


One last word. Your book is incredible and was helpful in guiding me through the practical skills process. I recommend Wellcoaches in training purchase "Going from Beginner to Brilliant, A Practical Guide to Passing Your Practical". 

I look forward to building my confidence in other areas of my life.

Thank you again

Best regards,



Kim Lattimore, DHSc, MPAS, PA-C, CHWC, LMC

Doctor of Health Sciences (DHSc)

Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C)

Certified Health and Wellness Coach (Wellcoaches®) - CHWC

Lifestyle Medicine Coach – LMC (ACLM)

Lifestyle Coach Prevent T2 Diabetes Prevention Program (CDC)

Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine Certificate (OMA)

Retired United States Army (CPT)

From an  e-mail to Erika Jackson and Margaret Moore.

I have been a certified Wellcoach for almost two years now and I wanted to send you both an email to tell you how truly amazing one of your team members is! Beth Tansey Peller is nothing short of phenomenal! Beth has the unique ability to bring the “coach” out in other professionals. I took the 18 week Wellcoaches Health & Wellness Coach certification course back in 2014. I knew that I wanted to become certified but was honestly terrified about the practical exam where I would have to coach an “expert coach” over the phone. I signed up and paid for the coach mentor sessions with Beth and I can honestly say that it was her patience, courage to shed light on my own insecurities, authenticity, and faithful support that helped me build the courage and faith I needed to believe in myself and PASS the practical exam with flying colors! With Beth’s mentor coaching, I went into the practical exam warm, engaging, mindful, and fully confident. I have now been a certified Wellcoaches Health & Wellness Coach for almost two years and recently coached fourteen employees over a 12 week period to help them lose a cumulative total of 165.4 pounds! Had it not been for Beth and her life changing mentor coaching, that never would have happened!

I hope to be able to take your Professional Coach Training next year!

Warmest Regards to you both,

Julie Seals, BSH,  CHES, CTTS, CHWC  

Corporate Wellness Program Manager

“I wanted to thank you for your help and guidance in preparing for the practical exam. Today I successfully passed the practical portion of the certification process! With your help I felt more prepared, confident, and the tools you gave me helped immensely in the preparation process."

Marla Covey, Wellcoaches School of Coaching Trainee

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