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Success Stories

Coaching works! Hear from my colleagues and clients who have experienced results from my coaching. In addition to the very much appreciated testimonials below, you can find more here on my LinkedIn profile.

"Recently, I experienced an inability to work in healthcare secondary to moral injury, stress, and burnout. I had allowed the demands of my job to consume me. I was exhausted and anxious. I reached out to Margaret Moore whose numerous seminars on team building, effective leadership, and resilience I had attended. Her methods have been life changing events for me and she referred me to Beth. 


What Beth provided initially was just a sounding board for thoughts and ideas. She listened and then when I was receptive, Beth asked me how I wanted to move forward. I didn’t know I had options other than going back to a job that was causing me physical and emotional harm. I felt a calmness come over me.  I had my aha moment. I had choices! The guilt I felt started to fade and I began searching for my next opportunity.  Beth’s willingness to listen and provide tools and information to move me forward shifted my outlook from fear to anticipation. Beth is the gold standard in Wellcoaches."

Nurse Executive 


Not actual client image

"I think back to when we first I was so lost and confused about the direction of my life.  I was over 60, still having weight issues and life issues mostly because of the weight issues.  I felt depleted of energy and helpless.  I never thought a "coach" could get me out of my slump.  


I remember we met first I was in denial.  Gradually I handled the homework you gave me and was able to complete a few goals such as making a conscious decision to have a certain food; even a short walk around the office (eventually walking outside); or just making a conscious effort to do something for myself.  You opened my eyes that I was capable of getting myself out of my own slump.  You encouraged me.  You made me believe that I was special.  I could do what I set my mind to.  But, I had to take baby steps.  


I guess we always want everything fixed right away and maybe that would work for some.  You showed me that I needed reminders to myself.  Simple little things like putting post it notes on my pc.  I still put them up but now on my bathroom mirror or on my kitchen calendar.  


I think what helped me the most was that you never gave up on me as many times as I resisted.   Most would have shrugged me off as not wanting to do anything for myself.   You are always so positive and I forgot what that was like.  Thanks for the reminders and post it notes!


I am forever indebted to you for giving me back confidence and self esteem. I may not be the best in the world but I'm the best I can be in my world.


Thanks again, Beth.   I hope you have the opportunity to help others grow as you have helped me."


Dolores C. Hurley, Financial Services Firm Executive Assistant

"Beth has helped me immeasurably in my challenge to lose weight and gain healthy lifestyle habits! Prior to working with Beth, I just assumed that I would always be a large person. Weighing 290 lbs., I could not mentally separate my size from my self-identity. I was just always a “big guy”. Also, working at a major financial services firm, I simply did not have the time to focus on my health with my work schedule.


After meeting Beth, all of that changed! She taught me about portion sizes, how to make healthier choices in a way that was manageable, how to plan my eating throughout the day and how to separate eating from my positive and negative emotions. We set goals every week and she kept me accountable but was never judgmental. She always listened to what I had to say but never told me what to do. Instead she made suggestions, recommendations and guided me to solutions that I could sustain and be happy. I was able to lose 50 lbs working with Beth and could not recommend her more!"

Financial Services Firm Executive

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