Helpful items and information for your healthy lifestyle changes

I love to collect information and other resources that can make my clients' lives easier. As we work together, I often suggest resources that will support your wellness and provide ideas for creating new goals. Here are some to consider.


I've also set up an amazon astore so that you can conveniently access items you might want to purchase to support your wellness. Full discloure: I do make a small percentage on any purchases to support my expenses, but you will not pay a penny more than if you were to purchase directly from amazon. Here's the link. 

A Fitness Tracker

In order to measure your progress from baseline as we work together, a fitness tracker can be really helpful. I'm a fitbit fan, myself, but people find that different trackers meet their needs. Here's a great article on choosing a tracker that fits your needs. These can help to remind us to get up and move more and provide great feedback on how we are doing.

Here are a just a few of the books I like to suggest to my clients. Of course, I would make suggestion appropriate to your needs and interests. You can find these through my amazon link. 

Other Things

Measuring ourselves and our food intake --or at least at first-- is key to getting a handle on food intake. Portion distortion is rampant; we often are very surprised by what a real serving looks like. Measuring spoons and cups and a variety of portion-sized containers can be a great help in being set up for success.

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