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Helpful items and information for your healthy lifestyle changes
A Fitness Tracker

In order to measure your progress from baseline as we work together, a fitness tracker can be really helpful. I'm a fitbit fan, myself, but people find that different trackers meet their needs. Here's a great article on choosing a tracker that fits your needs. These can help to remind us to get up and move more and provide great feedback on how we are doing.

Here are a just a few of the books I like to suggest to my clients. Of course, I would make suggestion appropriate to your needs and interests. You can find these through my amazon link. 

Other Things

Measuring ourselves and our food intake --or at least at first-- is key to getting a handle on food intake. Portion distortion is rampant; we often are very surprised by what a real serving looks like. Measuring spoons and cups and a variety of portion-sized containers can be a great help in being set up for success.

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