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I love to collect information and other resources that can make my clients' lives easier. As we work together, I often suggest resources that will support your wellness and provide ideas for creating new goals.


Full disclosure: I participate in affiliate programs that provide a source of passive income--at no additional cost to you--which empowers me to focus on coaching. I only recommend resources that I myself have tried or use and are in alignment with my coaching philosophy. Check out my Books page, too, for inspiration for moving toward your Vision. I'll be adding to these as time goes on. ​

Free Resources: 
Mindful Eating 
Cornell Food Lab 
Ideas to Support Your (or your Client's) Vision
Healthy Eating Options
During the pandemic, I started growing Hamama microgreens, as a way to get more antioxidants and nutrients right at home. It was fun to watch them grow and try them in new recipes. These would make great gifts for adults and children! Right now, we're growing garlic shoots. 
Measuring ourselves and our food intake --or at least at first-- is key to getting a handle on how much we are actually eating. Portion distortion is rampant; we often are very surprised by what a real serving looks like. Measuring spoons and cups and a variety of portion-sized containers can be a great help in being set up for success.
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