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Books Are Amazing Resources

Over the years as I've collected resources for my own growth as a coach , as well as resources my clients. Some of these were required reading for my advanced training, others from speakers at the Institute of Coaching Conference, and I've discovered a few on my own that support my coaching philosophy. 

Full disclosure: I am an amazon associate. I receive a small percentage of each amazon purchase when you click through any of these images to and make purchase from amazon--at no additional cost to you. This provides a small stream of income so I can focus my energy on coaching. 
Check back every once in awhile--I'll be adding more books and reviews on my blog. And take a look at my Healthy Living page for products you can use yourself or with clients, if you are a coach. 

Books for Coaches

In addition to the 3 books on my Mentoring Page, these are the others used to create the NBC-HWC Content Outline, your must-have study guide to prepare for this rigorous exam. Check out different book formats for the most affordable options. The Content Outline also includes hyperlinks to journal articles and Web sites used to create questions for the exam, so having the electronic copy will make accessing these resources easy. 

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Books to Support Healthy Lifestyle Change
Lifestyle change, habit formation, healthy eating and exercise, positivity, stories of resilience, and more. 

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